Kingmaker Session 21

Finishing The Abandoned Keep & Fighting The Fomenter

Finishing The Abandoned Keep & Fighting The Fomenter

Adventure log takes place between Sarenith 12 and Sarenith 19.

Chapter 1: Cast of Characters

Ain – male Human, Expert/Rogue
Geoffrey Gnughtorn-Cooper – male Half-Orc, Warrior/Cleric of Erastil
Krag Splitrock – male Oread, Warrior/Fighter
Shank – male Half-Orc, Monk
Sven Ljósálfar – male Half-Elf, Aristocrat/Magus

Chapter 2: The Abandoned Keep

Chapter 3: Travel Back To Faron

Chapter 4: The Royal Funeral

Chapter 5: Back To Exploring

Chapter 6: The Mad Hermit

Chapter 7: The Lizard King

Chapter 8: Party Experience

The party received 800 xps for defeating the Assassin Vine. They received 1200 xps for clearing the tower of the Rat swarms. I awarded the party 1200 xps for Sven hiring a diplomacy expert to challeng Grigori. They received 1600 xps for killing the Mad Hermit. They received 600 xps for killing his cat. They received 1600 xps for defeating 4 wolves in a random encounter. They received 625 xps for exploring 5 hexes. I awarded 1600 xps for Role Playing.

Chapter 9: GM Notes/Comments



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