Kingmaker Session 25

Troll Trouble

Troll Trouble

Adventure log takes place between Erastus 13 and Erastus 17.

Chapter 1: Cast of Characters

Ain – male Human, Expert/Rogue
Geoffrey Gnughtorn-Cooper – male Half-Orc, Warrior/Cleric of Erastil
Kelson – male Human, Aristocrat/Wizard
Lissa – female Sylph, Adept/Sorcerer
Sven Ljósálfar – male Half-Elf, Aristocrat/Magus
Tayra – female Dwarf, Warrior/Fighter

Chapter 2: Troll Scouts

Chapter 3: Back at Town

Chapter 4: Troll Attack at Camp

Chapter 5: At the Lizard Folk Fort

Chapter 6: Party Experience

The party received 4800 xps for killing the first set of troll scouts. They received 4800 xps for killing the second set of troll scouts. They received 2400 xps for killing Lizardfolk in their fort. I awarded 1500 xps for Role Playing.

Chapter 7: GM Notes/Comments



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