Kingmaker Session 30

Let's Build the Kingdom

Let’s Build the Kingdom

Adventure log takes place between Erastus 25, 4700 and Neth 24, 4701.

Chapter 1: Cast of Characters

Ain – male Human, Expert/Rogue
Breanne – female Human, Cavalier
Geoffrey Gnughtorn-Cooper – male Half-Orc, Warrior/Cleric of Erastil
Kelson – male Human, Aristocrat/Wizard
Sven Ljósálfar – male Half-Elf, Aristocrat/Magus
Tayra – female Dwarf, Warrior/Fighter

Chapter 2: Time Marches On!

Chapter 3: Kelson, Breanne and Tayra Go Visiting

Chapter 4: Party Experience

I awarded 1600 xps during this interlood.

Chapter 5: GM Notes/Comments



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