Adding PDF Versions of Character Sheets

To add a PDF version of your character to the site…

  1. Upload the PDF to the Media Library, by clicking on the Media Library link.
  2. If you have a previous version of the character on the site, click the garbage can icon to the right of that character’s PDF.
  3. Then either drag the PDF from Window’s Explorer into the box that says ‘Drop files here’ or click on the Select Files button.
  4. Click on the view file button that appears on the right side of the screen. See image below.
  5. Copy the URL that appears in the browser window’s address field.
  6. Edit your character using the pencil button in the upper left hand corner of the character page.
  7. In the Description text area of the character page, input the following code.

<div class=‘oembed external-link’><a href=‘path to pdf’>Character Name</a></div>

The path to pdf will be what you copied out of the address field when the file appeared in the browser window.

[[File:954039 | class=media-item-align-none | instructions.png]]

  1. Trash can button
  2. Where to upload PDF file
  3. Entry area of File.
  4. The button to click to view entry in browser to get the file name.

So I uploaded the character Akiro Ismort to the site. If that file was already on the site, I would have clicked on the trash can button for that file in the list below the file upload area to delete that version. Then I dropped his file on the boxed area #2. Then I would have clicked on the view file button to look at it in the browser. Be careful the view file button is partially hidden below the Edit Button for some reason, probably some custom css I have running on the site.

Once I had the URL copied to my clip board, I would have gone to his character page, clicking on the edit button to open the page to edit it, then in his description field, I would have typed,

<div class=‘oembed external-link’><a href=‘’>Akiro Ismort</a></div>

Then saved those changes. His character sheet would then appear in his record.

Adding PDF Versions of Character Sheets

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