The Old Sycamore

General Information

Looming over all the hills in the northern Kamelands, a graying hulk of a sycamore tree clings precariously to its last years of life. The 100-foot-tall tree is a well-known landmark and is visible for miles around—but is also well known to be infested with mites. These malicious creatures spend their days perfecting grisly pranks, torturing small animals, and tormenting the Sootscale kobolds who dwell in a cave 12 miles to the south. Recently, the mites stole the Sootscales’ most holy statue and are holding it hostage for the third time in as many months. Though the mites thoroughly enjoy this little game, the Sootscales have finally become fed up and have declared war on the old sycamore—their latest attack on the mites being against a group returning from the bandit camp with a pair of treasure-filled bags. That the kobolds stole treasure that the mites had just stolen even before the mites were able to look through it has outraged the little blue losers, and for the days to follow, the Kamelands between their two lairs becomes the site of a war in miniature. It should be unusually common to stumble across dead kobolds and mites in these two areas, their pitiful gear pitifully stripped by the victors of their pitiful little scraps.

Old Sycamore Population

Below is the information on the past residents of the Old Sycamore.

  • Grabbles, Mite chief
  • Tickleback, giant tick, Grabbles war steed.
  • Dingetooth, Mite warrior.
  • Uurch, Mite warrior
  • Quoggy, Mite centipede wrangler
  • The Old Sycamore

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