Thorn River Bandit Camp

General Information

The Stag Lord keeps a fair number of bandits at his side in his fort on the northern shore of the Tuskwater, but not all of the bandits are loyal to him. Several wander the wilds of the Greenbelt, allowed to do what banditry they can among travelers (even, at times, stealing north into Rostland) as long as they report back to the fort once a month with their dues. He also maintains a secondary camp of bandits many miles north of his fort, at area K on the Thorn River. Not only does this camp give his wandering bandits a guaranteed safe place to gather and share news, but it also allows his followers to control the northernmost ford in the Greenbelt. It is from this bandit camp that Happs Bydon and his men hail, and this camp has been specifically targeting Oleg’s Trading Post. Unless the camp is taken out, these bandits will continue to harass travelers around the trading post, and if left to their own devices long enough, may even gather enough men and resources to launch a major attack on the trading post in an attempt to burn the place down for daring to defy their wishes.

Camp Population

Below is the information notable residents who made up the camp.

  • Kressle, camp leader, deceased.
  • Happs Bydon, second in command of bandit camp, deceased.
  • Gaven Compton, bandit who reformed and is now working at Oleg’s Trading Post.
  • Renny Sheldon, bandit who reformed and is now working at Oleg’s Trading Post.

Thorn River Bandit Camp

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